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We interrupt this unscheduled radio silence with FIC. I did a low-key signup for the Chocolate Box exchange and got two beautiful stories out of it: half-life (Alien: Resurrection, Ripley/Call, T) and Edge of Mourning (Red vs. Blue, Felix/Locus, M). They are everything I've ever wanted out of these specific characters/ships and I highly recommend both to anyone interested in same! Seriously, I am doing a little internal twirl of joy right now. I get the best gifts. I think I'm going to go and read through the archive to distract myself from the Martian Death Virus currently having a throwdown with my immune system. I thought I was recovering from a slight cold, but it turns out I was just on the verge of getting a bad one. I'VE LOST MY VOICE AND CAN'T STOP COUGHING AND IT IS NOT FUN, BUT AT LEAST I CAN STILL SHOUT ABOUT IT ON THE INTERNET?
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If you'd asked me where I was planning to spend Christmas a couple of months ago, I would not have said "on the beach"! It's almost deserted most of the time and doesn't tend to start getting chilly until after sunset, so we just sat out on the balcony for half the day and went down to the sea for the other half. THE BEST. We've done a lot of coast-walking - the tide doesn't come in far, so it's easy enough to just wander along the shore in both directions. Wading through all those sand dunes may have left me with thigh muscles of iron. Maybe. I hope everyone else had/is having a great holiday, and that all those who celebrate Christmas in any form had merry ones!

(There was a small flareup of cross-ocean family drama, but I think it's as sorted as it'll ever be. I have never been so grateful for international call charges.)

Also, I got two fantastic Yuletide fics: Be All My Sins Remember'd (Destiny) and A Rare Reverse Metaphor (Marathon). If you're even a little bit familiar with the fandoms in question, I urge you to go and read! I still feel kind of bad for flubbing YT so hard myself, even with unforeseeable extenuating circumstances in play... at least I defaulted well before the deadline? I didn't have time to treat before the collection opened, so will just have to NYR it.

I'm away from the flat a lot and have sporadic internet access, so haven't had much time to dig into the Yuletide collection outside my own gifts. It will happen! Possibly tonight; we'll see.


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