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We interrupt this unscheduled radio silence with FIC. I did a low-key signup for the Chocolate Box exchange and got two beautiful stories out of it: half-life (Alien: Resurrection, Ripley/Call, T) and Edge of Mourning (Red vs. Blue, Felix/Locus, M). They are everything I've ever wanted out of these specific characters/ships and I highly recommend both to anyone interested in same! Seriously, I am doing a little internal twirl of joy right now. I get the best gifts. I think I'm going to go and read through the archive to distract myself from the Martian Death Virus currently having a throwdown with my immune system. I thought I was recovering from a slight cold, but it turns out I was just on the verge of getting a bad one. I'VE LOST MY VOICE AND CAN'T STOP COUGHING AND IT IS NOT FUN, BUT AT LEAST I CAN STILL SHOUT ABOUT IT ON THE INTERNET?

Date: 2016-02-18 04:11 am (UTC)
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Good Felix/Locus? I'M THERE WITH BELLS ON.

I am so sorry about the Martian Death Virus! I hope running around in Destiny on Sunday didn't make it worse. :( And I hope also that you feel better soon.


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