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I saw Jupiter Ascending and it was ridiculicious. 100% pure distilled essence of B-movie and also Sean Bean is bees, was my takeaway. If you like any of: pretty space opera, cheesy space opera, space royalty, space royalty who don't know they're space royalty, space royalty ineptly attempting to kill other space royalty, feuding dynasties, bizarre yet hypnotic acting choices, stylish outfits and non-outfits, tragic wolf/human hybrid supersoldiers who use hoverblades to fly on account of having lost their wings (IT MAKES AS MUCH SENSE AS ANYTHING ELSE IN THIS FILM, OKAY? OKAY), grumpy bee/human hybrid supersoldiers who are also lacking in the wing department, protagonists with a tendency to fall from great heights and get caught, extended alien bureaucracy scenes, creative reincarnation mechanics, immoral immortals, capitalism + corporate culture = baaaad, Edgar Rice Burroughs, back copies of Weird Tales, and did I mention gorgeous scenery? Gorgeous scenery IN SPACE? Back to the beginning: if you like any of the above, you may or may not regret this entertainment choice. That is a promise.

Who else was, uh, surprised at the sheer amount of cracktastic space incest they were able to get away with? Jupiter was pretty chill about the whole "my previous incarnation's son is proposing to me" issue (yes, she insisted she wasn't Seraphi, and yes, they went out of their way to emphasise "marriage"'s differing connotations in Spacelandia - but STILL). I have a mighty need for the fandom to take up Kalique/Jupiter. Inappropriate bath scenes where the bath is people!

P.S. Captain Tsing = actual Paragon Commander Shepard.

Date: 2015-02-26 10:49 pm (UTC)
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IT WAS SO MUCH RIDICULOUS FUN AND I LOVED IT. And you know Jupiter's eventually going to go back and reform the "turn people into Fountain of Youth baths" business, anyway, just - after she's figured out a good way to do it...

I LOVED CAPTAIN TSING. She reminds me of my own Shep. ♥


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