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At least my official hand-in date for this project is August 16th. That qualifies as leaving myself a reasonable amount of time in my book, though it maybe possibly shouldn't. A few days after that, I get to head off to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival! ...followed by at least two weeks' worth of semi-free writing time, yesssss.

Also, I just finished Halo 4 as part of a final attempt at having fun before crunch stress takes over and it WASN'T FUN and I'm NOT OKAY. I've warmed up to the game a lot - playing it all the way through in order helped! - but GOD. NOTHING IS BEAUTIFUL AND EVERYTHING HURTS.
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I cannot believe we're back in the fannish Bronze Age* of "why don't you nasty sex-obsessed weirdos care about f+f and m+m friendship? Heterosexuality exists! I know these two female characters held hands and danced under the light of Jupiter before heading back to their under-ice Europa base for a night of wild sex, but have you considered that GAL PALS are often very close and need media representation too? Stop perverting the creator's vision! People can dislike having It™ shoved in their face all the time without being homophobic. If you must write f/f or m/m, make sure it's not too sexual. My fandom has too much icky slash and not enough pure gen [said whilst typing up next het epic]. LGBTQ people in slash fandom are outliers adn should not have been counted. Women who like m/m need to grow up and start writing het instead because something something THIS IS A FEMINIST POINT I SWEAR" and oh god I could go on forever, but I'll spare you. If you're even a little bit familiar with current fandom discourse, you'll have heard it before.

No, on second thought: I can believe we're back in the fannish Bronze Age, because none of the above arguments ever went away. What does blow my mind is the part where it's all been successfully repackaged and resold as progressive. I will take a thousand "NO SLASH! THEY'RE STRAIGHT, NOT A BUNCH OF DEVIANTS OUT TO SMASH TRADITIONAL VALUES INTO TINY PIECES!" profiles over the veiled homophobia and purity culture nonsense I run across on tumblr. At least the former group aren't pretending to be on my side.

NB: rant not aimed at exclusive het and/or gen fans as a whole. I hope that goes without saying, but.

*Okay, that's unfair. The Bronze Age produced some good shit.
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Let's all read through #dogsatpollingstations on Twitter instead.

(I'm laughing so I don't cry at both my UK countries of origin - England and Wales - having voted to fuck themselves and innumerable others sideways with a prickly pear. I am sorry, world. Almost half of us tried.)
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The Humble LGBTQ Book Bundle for Pride Month is set to finish in less than two days. It's the standard Humble Bundle scheme - pay what you want, unlock extra books if you pay more.

I only just picked mine up, but would recommend Tipping the Velvet (first read it when I was a teenager clutching at all the LGBT lit I could get my hands on; am still v. fond) and damn near anything by Nalo Hopkinson.
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We interrupt this unscheduled radio silence with FIC. I did a low-key signup for the Chocolate Box exchange and got two beautiful stories out of it: half-life (Alien: Resurrection, Ripley/Call, T) and Edge of Mourning (Red vs. Blue, Felix/Locus, M). They are everything I've ever wanted out of these specific characters/ships and I highly recommend both to anyone interested in same! Seriously, I am doing a little internal twirl of joy right now. I get the best gifts. I think I'm going to go and read through the archive to distract myself from the Martian Death Virus currently having a throwdown with my immune system. I thought I was recovering from a slight cold, but it turns out I was just on the verge of getting a bad one. I'VE LOST MY VOICE AND CAN'T STOP COUGHING AND IT IS NOT FUN, BUT AT LEAST I CAN STILL SHOUT ABOUT IT ON THE INTERNET?
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If you'd asked me where I was planning to spend Christmas a couple of months ago, I would not have said "on the beach"! It's almost deserted most of the time and doesn't tend to start getting chilly until after sunset, so we just sat out on the balcony for half the day and went down to the sea for the other half. THE BEST. We've done a lot of coast-walking - the tide doesn't come in far, so it's easy enough to just wander along the shore in both directions. Wading through all those sand dunes may have left me with thigh muscles of iron. Maybe. I hope everyone else had/is having a great holiday, and that all those who celebrate Christmas in any form had merry ones!

(There was a small flareup of cross-ocean family drama, but I think it's as sorted as it'll ever be. I have never been so grateful for international call charges.)

Also, I got two fantastic Yuletide fics: Be All My Sins Remember'd (Destiny) and A Rare Reverse Metaphor (Marathon). If you're even a little bit familiar with the fandoms in question, I urge you to go and read! I still feel kind of bad for flubbing YT so hard myself, even with unforeseeable extenuating circumstances in play... at least I defaulted well before the deadline? I didn't have time to treat before the collection opened, so will just have to NYR it.

I'm away from the flat a lot and have sporadic internet access, so haven't had much time to dig into the Yuletide collection outside my own gifts. It will happen! Possibly tonight; we'll see.
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Is it time for a universal reminder that the Emergency Kittens twitter exists? It just might be.

I would also like to spotlight this Very Important Picture.
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"I will never waste good book money on a bad tie-in novel ever again," I say, as I add multiple Halo tie-ins to my Kobo library. love is a terrible and unconditional love, okay? DON'T JUDGE ME.

spoilery Halo 5 Let's Play enthusiasm )
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In somewhat recent "please let this non-movement fade into the aether" news: Justin Trudeau, Canadian PM, said people needed to stand against Gamergate and other examples of pernicious misogyny in pop culture. GG twitters then proceeded to declare him a "new target" and "public enemy #1".


Right. Good luck with that, bros.
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So, uh... how does one most easily and efficiently get past the "I thought this was decent enough when I typed it up last night, but in the cold harsh light of day it is UNACCEPTABLE, INSUPPORTABLE, SALT AND DESTROY ALL COPIES" stage of writing?

Asking for a close friend.
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My anger at the Conservative Party can be taken as read. My anger at the Tory voters who thought it would be a good idea to inflict five years of unfettered neo-Thatcherism on us, likewise (I can hear the "but New Labour started it!" wailing from here - yeah, and you fuckers plan to finish it, don't you?)

My anger at people of all political persuasions who treat election results like the outcome of a fun game is somewhat longer-winded. )
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I'm back in the big(gish) city! Having an actual keyboard to type on again is fab, but I miss Middle of Bloody Nowhere and the family there. We had a great time - minus trees pollinating all over my face - and bank holiday long weekend freedom helped make up for my mediocre & work-ridden birthday.

SPEAKING OF WHICH: I got awesome birthday!fic! [ profile] Hokuto wrote me Spartan's Luck, which is a Halo/Marathon crossover starring my favourite badass alien/AI/cyborg trio + everyone's favourite megalomaniacal dickbag AI ("if you don't love, adore, and worship Durandal, it's because you haven't heard of him yet" - Durandal, at some point, probably). This is how Halo 4 started. Meet me in the pit, 343i.

As is perhaps obvious, I'm suffering from a serious case of sleep deprivation. I have a meeting later (am not very excited) and then it's off to see Blade Runner at the cinema with a friend (am significantly more excited). My baby brother morphed into a massive PKD fan overnight and is reading his way through the collection I built up as a teenager, so I'm feeling even more nostalgic about it than I would otherwise. Sleep first, however. Sleep is good!
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Hi, everybody. (Hi, Doctor Nick!) I always start off with such good intentions re: maybe posting here more than once a millennium. Trouble is, those good intentions tend to turn into, 'I should tell DW about those books I just read! No, that game I played! No, this exciting real-life thing! No, I should finish the December meme! No, writing snippets! OH, GOD, WHERE DID THAT RL DEADLINE COME FROM? THEY'RE IN THE WALLS!'

...I'm working on those focus issues, I swear. (I will finish the December meme, even if the name is a bit of a stretch now.)

I had a birthday and the galaxies kept on spinning )
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I saw Jupiter Ascending and it was ridiculicious. 100% pure distilled essence of B-movie and also Sean Bean is bees, was my takeaway. If you like any of: pretty space opera, cheesy space opera, space royalty, space royalty who don't know they're space royalty, space royalty ineptly attempting to kill other space royalty, feuding dynasties, bizarre yet hypnotic acting choices, stylish outfits and non-outfits, tragic wolf/human hybrid supersoldiers who use hoverblades to fly on account of having lost their wings (IT MAKES AS MUCH SENSE AS ANYTHING ELSE IN THIS FILM, OKAY? OKAY), grumpy bee/human hybrid supersoldiers who are also lacking in the wing department, protagonists with a tendency to fall from great heights and get caught, extended alien bureaucracy scenes, creative reincarnation mechanics, immoral immortals, capitalism + corporate culture = baaaad, Edgar Rice Burroughs, back copies of Weird Tales, and did I mention gorgeous scenery? Gorgeous scenery IN SPACE? Back to the beginning: if you like any of the above, you may or may not regret this entertainment choice. That is a promise.

Who else was, uh, surprised at spoilers )
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Many, many moons ago, [personal profile] genarti suggested: one of your favourite physical places in the world, and why you love it. )
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(Or 'thundersnow', as the papers keep calling it. Weather phenomenon or Pokémon attack? You decide!)
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[personal profile] plures asked: "favourite bits about your academic field (and perhaps unfavourites as well)?" I lost track of the December meme due to December work and December gloom, ugh. Catch-up time!

Words! Symbols! More words! )
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For December 7th, [personal profile] hokuton_punch asked me about Bungie games! )

I still have most of the month left over, so please feel free to ask me questions? Otherwise, 120% of my December writing time will be devoted to actual work. The horror.


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